Common symptoms of Aortic Stenosis

Many of the symptoms and signs of Aortic Stenosis may be incorrectly attributed to the normal ageing process. It is this common misconception that keeps patients from discussing these symptoms with their families and Doctors. It is important to ensure that anyone with these symptoms should be referred to their local Doctor for assessment

If left untreated, patients with Aortic Stenosis can have a significant reduction in life span, with approx 1 patient in 2 with severe untreated Aortic stenosis, not surviving 2 years.

Presence of a Heart Murmur

A heart murmur is an important indicator that a patient may have abnormal valves in their heart and should see a Cardiologist. They may also be referred to as a “leaky heart”

When there is an abnormal valve in the heart, the valve may not open or close effectively allowing blood to “flow back” into the chamber that it has just come from (ie the Left Ventricle). This can create turbulence in the fluid flow and can result in a “murmur”. 1

Murmurs are often not benign and should not be ignored, your local Doctor should listen to your heart with a stethoscope if they are concerned about the potential presence of aortic stenosis. 2

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